Explosive Ordnance Clearance and Environmental Remediations

Work recently executed:

• Infrastructures Expo 2015 – Essential works 7a, 7b, 7c connection of the SS 11 from Molino Dorino to the A8 motorway.
• Integrated Contract for the Executive Design and Works Execution of a building for the installation of a flight simulator – JSF program – Infrastructure upgrading works related to the phase-in of the F-35 aircraft at the Maristaer base – Grottaglie (TA).
• TARANTO – Marinarsen – Services of precautionary decontamination from explosive remnants of war-torn areas of the Military Demands concerned with the construction of infrastructural works of the new Compressed Cylinders and Gases Sector.
• Execution of works to complete the remake of the Montescuro Ovest aqueduct in the municipalities of Menfi, Montevago, Sambuca di Sicilia and Santa Margherita Belice in the territory of the province of AGRIGENTO, in the land located in the Municipality of Trapani, Erice, Valderice, Paceco, Marsala, Salemi, Mazara del Vallo, Castelvetrano, Santa Ninfa, Partanna, Vita and Calatafimi in the territory of the province of TRAPANI, in the lands located in the municipalities of Bisacquino, Chiusa Sclafani, Giuliana, Palazzo Adriano and Prizzi in the province of PALERMO.
• Demolition, scotic, interference resolution and excavation works for the expansion of the biotechnology center in the former Scalo Vallino area – Land in Via Nizza, 52 Municipality of Turin – Province of Turin.
• Province of Ancona – Municipality of Camerano – Location Aspio Terme – Works for the construction of the new hospital complex of Ancona South.
• Construction of the “Villadose – Adria DN 150 (6”) pipeline – 2nd stretch and Adria plug version DN 150 (6 “)” Province of ROVIGO – Municipalities of Villadose, Ceregnano, Adria.
• “Adaptation of the Ripalta – Credera – Sergnano network and related works”, located in the municipalities of Chieve, Capergnanica, Crema, Bagnolo Cremasco, Casaletto Ceredano and Credera Rubbiano (CR).
• Construction of a site used as a non-conventional electrical storage system called “Ginestra SANC” and related ancillary works for connection to the NTG in Loc. La Crocella and Monte San Felice in the Municipality of Castelfranco in Miscano (BN).
• Implementation of the non-conventional storage system “Scampitella SANC” and ancillary works for connection to the NTG in the “Masseria Cappella” locality in the Municipality of Scampitella in the Province of Avellino.
• Plan execution of the characterization of the public areas of the agricultural area of ​​the Brindisi National Site.
• Construction of the internal coastal road network from Taranto to Avetrana. First section of the urban road from the C. Battisti junction inproduction of the Punta Penna Bridge Pizzone to the Kennedy street of the districtTalsano 2nd functional lot from km 3 + 150.00 per km 5 + 405.68.
• Adjustment of the installations for the security of the Maristaer Base – Grottaglie (TA).
• Salento Airport – Municipality of Brindisi – Refurbishment of yards for a / mm and adaptation of flight infrastructures.
• Executive design and construction of hangar aircraft maintenance for 6 seats and shelters 1 “and 2” flight line for 15 + 15 aircraft – Works for the installation of n. 3 tanks of the first rainwater treatment plant with coalescent packs at Amendola Military Airport.
• Works for the realization of the executive planning and construction of the urban transformation program called E1 Anagnina (RM).
• Works to modernize the electricity supply system and technological systems, installation of shelter offices, external installations and maintenance operations in TWR and radar building in the Salento – Brindisi airport.
• Construction of the Pipeline: Mediterranean-Italy “GAME A” Version DN 1200 (48 “) DP 75 barin locality Pozzo Grande in the Municipality of Marcellina (RM).
• Implementation of the ACC-M system and changes to the general regulatory plan in the Foggia Railway Station (FG).
• Salento Airport – Enlargement and adjustment of boarding halls Municipality of Brindisi.
• Nodo technological enhancement of Naples. Naples section – Villa Literno.
• Construction of an expeditionary runway type am-2 Aeroporto Maristaer – Grottaglie (TA).
• Construction of the Tangenziale Est of San Severo-lot l -tract of connection between Km 639 + 075 of the S.S. 16 “adriatica” and the toll booth in the Municipality of San Severo (FG).
• Construction of a biomethane production plant in the Municipality of Foligno (PG).
• Construction of pipelines: Vasto – Rieti Variante DN400 Borgovelino – Castel Sant ‘Angelo and city Ducale – Rieti – Rome Variante DN300 Vasto Municipalities of Rieti and Belmonte in Sabina. Municipalities of Borgo Velino – Castel Sant’Angelo – Cittaducale Rieti – Belmonte In Sabina (RI)
• Works for the realization of the Flowa Tempa Rossa project in the Municipality of Corleto Perticara and Guardia Perticara (PZ).

• Works for the realization of the Tempa Rossa Corleto TIE-IN project in the Municipality of Corleto Perticara and Guardia Perticara (PZ).
• Works for the realization of the Tempa Rossa LPG CENTER project in the Municipality of Corleto Perticara and Guardia Perticara (PZ).
• Construction of the “Variante Spina di Corato DN 150, DP 75 bar and related works in the Municipalities of Terlizzi and Ruvo di Puglia”.
• Explosive devices remediation service for the construction of a new hospital complex in the Municipality of Fermo in Campiglione di Fermo and San Claudio in the Province of Fermo
• Scandicci (FI) – S.P. 12 “Val di Pesa” Variantecentro inhabited area of ​​San Vincenzo a Torri integrated with the flooding system of the Torrente Pesa. Remediation of explosive remnants of war
• Renovation and functional upgrading of the administrative headquarters of the University of Milan – Via Mercalli, 23.
• Construction of the orbital of Foggia 1st functional lot in the Municipality of Foggia.
• Remediation of explosive remnants of war in the presence of widespread ferromagnetic pollution at the straw park owned by IPZS, in the Municipality of Foggia.